JOURNALIST I want to draw you on the Bali 9 case. I understand the Government is doing everything it can do to ensure these young men are not executed. But what about the AFP’s role here, has the AFP let down Australian citizens when they didn't have to be on death row in Indonesia?

JULIE BISHOP First of all, we are continuing to make representations at every level throughout the Indonesian Government, from the President, through the Foreign Minister, the Attorney-General, at every level we can. We will not stop doing that. We want to see a stay of execution and we are renewing the calls for clemency. 

The fact is drug trafficking is a crime in Indonesia that attracts the death penalty. And we have to respect Indonesia's sovereignty. It's an independent nation state with its own judicial system. We cooperate with Indonesia on law enforcement issues, intelligence sharing and at many levels. I'm not going to question the AFP's operations here.

The tragedy is that these two young men were involved in drug trafficking. They were convicted. Now they're facing the death penalty. Australia opposes the death penalty and we'll do whatever we can to seek a stay of execution. I spoke to their families today. It's absolutely heartbreaking. Just put yourself in their shoes and you will understand why we are fighting against this death penalty and we will do whatever we can to seek a stay of execution.

JOURNALIST Alright, we appreciate your time tonight. Thank you so much for coming on the program.

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