Ministers, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

I am pleased that Australia is part of the NDC Partnership.

Last year we achieved the historic Paris Agreement for the world to take action against climate change.

This year we celebrate the early entry into force of the Agreement.

Australia completed ratification last week and will continue to take concrete action towards its implementation.

At the heart of the Paris Agreement are our Nationally Determined Contributions.

These ensure countries play their part in limiting temperature rise to below 2 degrees.

Our NDCs need to be as robust as possible.

They are the business and investment plans which will drive our transition to a lower-emissions, more climate resilient global economy.

Of course, any plan is only as good as its implementation.

Australia is investing in the NDC Partnership to support developing countries in successfully implementing their NDCs.

Australia's decision to join the NDC Partnership is one part of a new initiative I am announcing today to strengthen global action in the land sector.

Emissions from the land sector, primarily in agriculture and forestry, account for around 20 per cent of global emissions and are growing rapidly.

The land sector also presents some of our most complex adaptation challenges.

Recognising this, around 100 NDCs have identified the land sector as a priority for action.

The initiative Australia is launching today will support this priority.

I am pleased to announce that Australia will commit $16 million to support delivery of NDCs in the agricultural and forestry sectors, focusing on the Indo-Pacific region.

This package will leverage Australia's world-leading expertise in the land sector.

Australian farmers are exemplary environmentalists and have developed cutting edge agricultural practices and technology to deal with a changing climate.

Our foreign aid program also delivers mitigation and adaptation support through agricultural programs, helping farmers adjust to new climate realities and manage land.

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, the Government's specialist agricultural research agency, has been brokering partnerships for research and capacity building for over 30 years.

I announce this new Indo-Pacific Land Action Package as a vehicle to share and build upon Australia's expertise. 

The initiative will support emission reductions, resilience and economic growth in three ways.

First, Australia will contribute $2 million over two years to the NDC Partnership to ensure a strong focus on the land sector in NDC implementation. We will also join the NDC partnership steering committee.

Second, Australia will provide $10 million to help Indonesia achieve its goal for a low carbon and more efficient agricultural and forestry sector, which are its largest sources of emissions and economic activity.

Third, we will commit $4 million to support innovative public-private sector partnerships in the land sector. Mobilising private sector capital for the transition to a lower emission, more climate resilient economy is a core objective.

And we will scale up these projects over time by attracting private sector finance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted Australia will invest in the NDC Partnership and assure you that Australia will continue to make a significant contribution.

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