Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Attack on World Vision offices in Pakistan

Ministerial Statement

11 March 2010

Mr Speaker,

I want to take the opportunity on indulgence to condemn the brutal and senseless attack on World Vision in Mansehra in Pakistan yesterday.

Yesterday gunmen entered the offices of World Vision and, in execution style, shot six staff members, all of whom were Pakistani. World Vision Australia is of course very well known and regarded in Australia for its good work in our region and internationally, and there are close links between World Vision Australia and World Vision internationally.

There are a small number of Australians who work for World Vision in Pakistan. Fortunately, they were not involved in this terrible event. We extend our sympathy and our condolences to the families of the slain individuals.

We extend our sympathy and condolences to their friends in World Vision International and World Vision Australia.

Development assistance workers, whether they are Government officers, whether they are officers from Non-Government Organisations or whether they are employed by international institutions like the World Bank or indeed United Nations agencies, do good deeds in dangerous circumstances, often at risk to themselves, seeking to help people who are less well off than themselves and help nations who are less well off than we are.

Any attack on development assistance workers is contemptible. We condemn this brutal attack. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the families of the slain, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan and we stand shoulder to shoulder with World Vision and international development assistance workers generally.

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