Today we announce that Joint Task Group Indo-Pacific Endeavour 18 will provide further assistance to support the Government of Vanuatu in response to the ongoing impact of volcanic activity on Ambae Island.

The Government of Vanuatu declared a state of emergency on 12 April. Local residents are currently evacuating from Ambae Island to neighbouring islands.

Australia will deliver emergency supplies to support those evacuated. The Australian Defence Force vessel HMAS Success will deliver tents, solar street lighting, solar lanterns for personal use, bed nets, and water tanks. These supplies will help to meet the immediate needs of those displaced by the volcano and their host communities.
Australia will also provide two logistics specialists to assist the Government of Vanuatu with the storage and management of these supplies.

HMAS Success is currently participating in Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2018.  This major annual maritime activity promotes security and stability in Australia's region. The Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2018 Joint Task Group comprises HMAS ships Adelaide, Melbourne, Toowoomba and Success and includes visits to Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Solomon Islands.

The emergency supplies are being funded from our previously announced humanitarian assistance for the volcano response. 

We stand ready to provide further support to the Government of Vanuatu if requested.

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