I am pleased to announce that Australian journalist Andrew Greene and Indonesian journalist Tri Joko Her Riadi are the recipients of the prestigious 2018 Elizabeth O’Neill Journalism Award.

The award will support Mr Greene and Mr Riadi to spend two weeks in Indonesia and Australia respectively to deepen their understanding of contemporary issues in each country through engagements with leading government, business, industry and community figures.

Mr Greene is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s defence correspondent and Mr Riadi is a journalist focused on education and literacy issues with the Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper, based in Bandung, Indonesia.

The Elizabeth O'Neill Journalism Award commemorates the distinguished career of Elizabeth O'Neill OAM, who died in the service of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Indonesia on 7 March 2007.

The Award is open to high-achieving journalists from print, radio, television and online media organisations, and builds on the tireless work of Ms O’Neill to foster mutual understanding of Australia and Indonesia through accurate and informed media coverage.

The Elizabeth O’Neill Journalism Award is sponsored by the Australian Government through the Australia-Indonesia Institute.

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