Today I announce a pledge of $90 million by the Australian Government to support quality and inclusive education worldwide through the Global Partnership for Education.

This pledge forms part of Australia’s commitment to ensuring more children, particularly girls and children with disabilities, participate in school for longer and acquire the skills they need to build their future.

Education is a priority sector for Australia’s aid program.  In 2016-17, approximately 18 per cent of Australia’s total overseas development assistance went towards education programs.  Investing in education helps reduce disadvantage, accelerate economic growth and improve regional stability. 

Australia has a direct stake in the prosperity and stability of our region with 11 of our top 15 aid-partner countries considered fragile or conflict-affected.  The Global Partnership for Education is making notable progress in these countries.  For example, primary school completion rates increased from 56 per cent in 2000 to 69 per cent in 2015. Further, 88 girls for every 100 boys completed primary school in 2015, compared to 74 in 2002.

The Global Partnership for Education is a valued partner in Australia’s efforts to improve regional education outcomes.  Since 2015, it has allocated over $1 billion to support children’s education in countries in the Indo-Pacific region, such as Cambodia, Laos PDR, Nepal and Afghanistan.

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