Today I have sanctioned 40 individuals and 14 entities linked to the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program. These individuals and entities are now subject to targeted financial sanctions, with individuals also subject to travel bans.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the UN have confirmed that the Syrian military has used chemical weapons on several occasions. We urge the Syrian regime to fully comply with its 2013 commitment to dismantle and destroy its chemical weapons program.

Australia’s latest sanctions target companies and key officials connected to Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Centre — the organisation responsible for developing and producing chemical and biological weapons, and the means to deliver them, for the Syrian regime.

A total of 142 individuals and 42 entities are now sanctioned under Australia’s autonomous sanctions regime in relation to Syria. All persons and entities subject to targeted financial sanctions under Australian law can be found in the consolidated list.

The Australian Government strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons by any party to the Syrian conflict and urges the international community to work together to end this horrific conflict.

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