The Australian Government welcomes the strong new measures that were unanimously adopted by the United Nations Security Council yesterday in New York.

UN Security Council Resolution 2397 is another demonstration to the North Korean regime that its illegal and threatening actions will not be tolerated by the international community.

Among its provisions, UN Security Council Resolution 2397 contains restrictions on oil and petroleum supply. It widens already extensive bans on North Korean exports and imports to cover a wider range of goods, including food, machinery and vessels

The resolution also strengthens provisions relating to maritime interdiction of cargo vessels within Member States’ territorial waters.

These tighter sanctions will impose significant costs on North Korea and further restrict its ability to fund and operate its weapons programs.

Australia encourages all members of the international community to fully implement the UN Security Council resolutions.

Australia will move quickly to implement the measures under the new resolution and will continue to work with our partners to uphold international law and global peace and stability.

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