The Australian Government will provide an additional $110 million over three years in humanitarian and stabilisation assistance for Iraq. This funding will help combat the Islamist terrorist group ISIS.

ISIS has now lost over 60% of the territory it once held in Iraq. More than two million people were liberated from its grasp in 2016. But there is more to be done.

Australia remains committed to utterly destroying ISIS, and we have made and continue to make major military contributions to the Counter-ISIS Coalition effort in Iraq and Syria. At the same time we are also laying the foundations for enduring stability. Helping support the restoration of essential public services in areas liberated from the terrorists will allow displaced people to return home and begin rebuilding their lives.

Our funding includes an immediate injection of $10 million to meet urgent needs arising from the operation to liberate Mosul and a new three year $100 million assistance package that will be part of the 2017-18 Budget.

This package will address humanitarian needs such as food, medical assistance and access to clean water. It will focus on protecting the most vulnerable, with a particular emphasis on women and girls.

As the Coalition military effort forces ISIS out of major population centres, it is important to increase humanitarian and stabilisation assistance to help the Iraqi Government lock in security gains.

This new funding will bring Australia’s humanitarian assistance to Iraq and Syria to more than $530 million since 2014.

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