I will visit Washington DC on 22-23 March to participate in the Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the Global Coalition on the defeat of ISIS.  

The meeting, chaired by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, comes at a pivotal time in the fight against ISIS. We will address the next steps in the military campaign and also discuss the impact of the ISIS global networks. 

Australia is a significant stakeholder in the efforts to end the conflict in Syria and Iraq, making a major contribution to international efforts against ISIS. We provide training and capacity building to the Iraqi military and carry out air strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria as part of the wider Coalition fight against ISIS.

We also contribute humanitarian support to those affected by conflict in Iraq and Syria, committing over $500 million in assistance to refugees and the communities hosting them since 2011.

Returning foreign terrorist fighters will be a key challenge for Coalition countries as ISIS is pushed out of its strongholds in Iraq and Syria.  Australia is strengthening cooperation with many countries, especially our Southeast Asian neighbours, to counter the threat and ensure that Australia's national security is a priority.

At the meeting I will take the opportunity to discuss the military action against ISIS and the importance of also addressing the wider drivers of terrorism. I will also discuss potential political developments within Syria and Iraq.

I will also meet senior members of the United States Congress and leading foreign policy thinkers to advance Australia's interests with our American partners.

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