Today we release the 2016 Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program handbooks, which outline best practices in mining and provide guidance for the mining industry on sustainable development issues.

Australia has world-leading expertise in mine management and planning. Our companies are sought after as high quality investment partners. 

The Australian Government recognises that by sharing Australia’s leading expertise we can promote better mining industries in Australia and abroad, leading to more growth, jobs, investment and trade. 

The handbooks provide contemporary and practical guidance on leading practice surrounding environmental, economic and social impact through all phases of mineral extraction. Applying leading practice enables companies to deliver enduring value, maintain their reputation and ensure strong support from host communities and governments.

The handbooks are an aid for trade initiative that will be shared with developing countries in the Indo-Pacific and Africa and translated into selected foreign languages including Indonesian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish.

The first editions of the handbooks were launched in 2006. This year’s edition consists of a 17 book series with several new and updated handbooks.

Further information on the Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program can be found here.

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