Today we announce the release of the most comprehensive summary of Australia’s relationship with our regional bilateral aid partners, Australian Engagement with Developing Countries (The Green Book).

The Green Book provides a snapshot of total Australian Government support for Indo-Pacific developing countries in 2014-15. For the first time, aid statistics are complemented by additional information to provide a more comprehensive picture of Australia’s relationships with these countries.

The Australian Government’s relationships with developing countries go beyond development support. Trade and investment, tourism, labour movement and tertiary education are vital complements to our development assistance. Diasporas are also recognised for their role in fostering connections between Australia and the countries of their birth.

Working in partnership with each country we collaborate on issues ranging from security, marine resource protection and cultural exchanges, humanitarian responses, transnational crime and goods control. 

Australia maintains diverse relationships with countries in our region, based on a shared interest in prosperity and stability. Due to their rapidly growing economies, numerous Indo-Pacific nations are now transforming from aid recipients to economic partners.

The Green Book will enhance statistical reporting and understanding of Australia’s support for developing countries in our region, providing a broader and more complete overview of our bilateral relationships.

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