North Korea continues to threaten the peace and security of the region and beyond, with the launch today of a long-range missile.

Australia condemns the ongoing provocative and dangerous conduct of the North Korean regime, which continues to defy multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions that ban the testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

This latest provocation follows North Korea's fourth nuclear test, which aggravated the already tense situation on the Korean Peninsula.

It is yet another example of the North Korean regime choosing militarism and isolation over the welfare of its own people.

The Australian Government calls on the North Korean regime to cease its provocative behaviour and engage constructively with the international community.

Australia will express its concerns directly to North Korea as well as in international and regional forums.

North Korea must be held accountable for its provocations and the UN Security Council must respond strongly.

We will continue to work with our friends and partners in the region, including the Republic of Korea, Japan and China, to uphold peace and stability in North Asia.

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