Australia has been ranked number one overall in a global review of nuclear security by the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

Globally, Australia ranked first on measures against theft of nuclear materials and second for protection against sabotage, including cyber-attacks. This is the third consecutive time Australia has topped the list.

Australia’s high ranking demonstrates our commitment to international nuclear security treaties and standards, and also derives from our use of low enriched uranium for the production of nuclear medicine.

Australia is focused on ensuring the use of nuclear material is safe and secure across the world. We will promote continued and sustained improvement of global nuclear security at the final Nuclear Security Summit in the United States. We will also reaffirm our support for engagement on nuclear security and safeguards with the International Atomic Energy Agency and regionally through the Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network.

Security of nuclear materials and facilities in Australia is regulated by the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office, a specialist office within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Nuclear Threat Initiative is a non-government organisation that works to reduce global threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

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