While the vote is still being finalised I take this opportunity to congratulate Myanmar on holding its first openly contested general elections in 25 years.

Last Sunday was an historic day for the people of Myanmar. The smooth election process demonstrates to the international community Myanmar’s commitment to ongoing democratic transition.

Preliminary assessments of domestic and international observers indicate that the election process exceeded expectations.  I welcome President Thein Sein’s commitment to the election process and congratulate the Union Election Commission Chairman Tin Aye on the running of the vote in challenging circumstances. 

Australia looks to all stakeholders to continue to engage fairly and constructively as counting continues and the process of choosing a President and forming government is finalised.

I thank the members of the Australian Parliament, Senators Dean Smith and Scott Ludlam and Ms Lisa Chesters MP for their participation as observers of the election.

Australia played a significant role in supporting these elections by providing $4.2 million for strengthening the capacity of the Union Election Commission, training poll workers and supporting voter education campaigns.

Our support also included $200,000 to assist the Asia Foundation in developing an innovative smartphone app to make information about the election, candidates, political parties, and election procedures readily available. 

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