I am pleased to announce the launch of Australia’s new strategy within our aid program to strengthen the inclusion of people with disabilities in developing countries.

The strategy recognises that everyone is affected if the most disadvantaged people are left behind, and acknowledges that people with disabilities make up one of the largest and most disadvantaged minorities in the world.

Development for All 2015-2020: Strategy for strengthening disability-inclusive development in Australia’s aid program will support people with disabilities in developing countries to find pathways out of poverty and realise their potential.

Ensuring our aid investments include people with disability is not only good development practice contributing to poverty reduction, it boosts sustainable economic growth and creates better development outcomes for all.

Through the strategy, Australia will continue to promote disability-inclusive education, help remove physical barriers through our infrastructure investments, and work with partner governments to enhance access to vital services. We will help build resilience to disasters and conflict through inclusive humanitarian assistance.

Australia will also continue to support disabled people’s organisations in developing countries, which play a vital role in giving people with disabilities a voice.

A focus of the strategy is on better data collection – through gathering reliable, internationally comparable data on people with disabilities. This is critical so that people with disabilities are visible in the global development agenda.

Through our diplomatic network and our aid investments, Australia will continue to work with partners to overcome the stigma and discrimination that still exists for people with disability and that are among the greatest barriers to full participation in community and economic life.

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