The Australian Government urges all combatants in Yemen to establish a cease-fire and negotiate a permanent end to the conflict. The Government is particularly concerned about the welfare of civilians caught up in the fighting and calls upon armed groups to show restraint.  Australia recognises the legitimacy of the government of President Hadi and calls upon the Houthis to return to the negotiating table.

Political dialogue is the ultimate solution to the current crisis and all parties need to engage in negotiations in support of Yemen’s long-term stability. The United Nations Security Council and UN Special Adviser Benomar have a valuable role in supporting this process. The Australian Government recognises the legitimate interests of Yemen’s neighbours in maintaining regional security, and the important role the Gulf Cooperation Council has played in assisting Yemen in recent years.

We note President Hadi’s request for protection and the military action taken in response by Saudi Arabia. The Australian Government continues to monitor the situation in Yemen closely.

In line with the Australian Government’s advice, first issued in June 2011, Australians should depart Yemen immediately. Most embassies and the UN have now withdrawn from Yemen for their own safety. Our ability to provide assistance to Australians remaining in Yemen is extremely limited.

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