On the eve of World TB Day, I am pleased to announce further support toward the eradication of tuberculosis and malaria in the Indo-Pacific region.

Drug resistant TB and malaria pose a threat to health security in our region and carry a high burden for our Asia-Pacific neighbours. More than half of the global TB cases (56%) occur in our region.

Australia’s new $30 million investment over three years will help bring new diagnostic tests and drugs to market to tackle this threat.

This support will be provided through Product Development Partnerships, an innovative public-private partnership model for co-investing in development of new medical technologies. Bringing together public and private sector funding corrects a market failure to develop medical products needed by those with limited purchasing power.

The TB Alliance will receive $10 million over three years to support late stage clinical trials of new TB treatments. These include the Phase 3 registration trial of a new drug regimen (PaMZ) which is the first to treat both drug sensitive and multi-drug resistant TB. This new oral treatment has the potential to shorten and simplify TB treatment and reduce the cost of treating multi-drug resistant TB by up to 90 per cent.

The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) will receive $10 million over three years to accelerate the development and uptake of better diagnostic tools and testing for TB and malaria. Accurate diagnosis is essential for prescribing appropriate treatment and has a major impact on disease outcomes. 

This new support for TB treatment and diagnosis builds on an additional $15 million package of assistance to support TB control in Papua New Guinea, announced last month.

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) will receive $10 million over three years for development of antimalarial drugs and to facilitate access and uptake of new treatments.

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