The area of Mosul district, Ninewa province in Iraq, has been declared a designated area under section 119.3 of the Criminal Code.  This means it will be an offence under Australian law to enter, or remain in, Mosul district without a legitimate purpose. 

Declaring Mosul district under the criminal code follows the declaration of Al-Raqqa province in Syria in December 2014. The city of Mosul is the largest city controlled by Daesh in Iraq.

Under the Criminal Code, a person who enters or remains in a declared area without a legitimate purpose faces a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

The declaration sends a strong message to those considering travelling to Iraq to join the terrorist organisation Daesh.

Daesh has carried out mass atrocities in Mosul district, including public beheadings, killings and executions. It has destroyed numerous historical and religious sites. Examples of these hideous crimes include the execution of thirteen teenage boys in January for simply watching a soccer match. 

The Government is determined to stop Australians joining the terrorist conflict in Iraq and Syria and supporting terrorist organisations. The Government is committed to working with community leaders to combat radicalisation of vulnerable young men and women, to counter the hateful propaganda spread by Daesh.

Any Australians who are currently in Mosul district without a legitimate purpose should leave immediately. The travel advice for Iraq on the Smartraveller website has been updated.

Further information on the declared area offence, including the declaration of Mosul district, can be found on the Australian National Security website

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