On 18-19 October I visited Iraq to demonstrate Australia’s strong support for the Iraqi people in combating ISIL. This terrorist organisation is a major threat to the security of Iraq, the Middle East region and the international community.

In my meetings with the Prime Minister Al-Abadi, Foreign Minister Al-Ja’afari, President Masoum, and Council of Representatives Speaker Al-Jabouri, I reiterated Australia’s commitment to provide military assistance to the Iraqi Government.

I also finalised legal arrangements for the deployment of Australian Special Forces to advise and assist the Iraqi Security Forces.

I received briefings from Iraqi leaders and international coalition partners on the campaign against ISIL and the current political situation. I emphasised the importance of the Iraqi Government’s efforts to deliver policies that share power and resources amongst Iraq’s various communities. I also met groups of minority leaders to hear their concerns and to underline Australia’s close interest in the protection of minorities in Iraq.

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