The latest report by the Fact-Finding Mission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirms that a toxic chemical was used as a weapon, systemically and repeatedly, in Syria.

Investigating the attacks that occurred in Northern Syria as late as 28 August, the report finds with a high degree of confidence that chlorine was used against innocent civilians.

Evidence shows that helicopters used by the Syrian regime were seen releasing the chemical weapons.

The Australian Government is deeply disturbed by these findings. I have no doubt that the Syrian regime was responsible for these attacks.

Syria’s use of chemical weapons violates United Nations Security Council resolution 2118 of September 2013 and the Chemical Weapons Convention, to which Syria acceded in October 2013.

The Australian Government has provided $130 million in humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, and $2 million toward the destruction of chemical weapons. It is our largest ongoing response to a humanitarian crisis.

Australia joins with our international partners in condemning the Syrian regime’s brutality towards its own citizens, and its disregard for international disarmament and international humanitarian and human rights law.

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