I welcome the unanimous adoption of the UN Security Council resolution co-authored by Australia providing cross-border access to Syria for the provision of humanitarian aid.

Australia co-chaired negotiations with Jordan and Luxembourg in response to the Syrian regime’s non-compliance with an earlier resolution that aimed to provide access for humanitarian purposes.

Around 11 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian aid and almost 5 million live in areas that are difficult for humanitarian workers to reach.

This resolution contains practical measures that will, if implemented, significantly increase the number of Syrians who can receive humanitarian assistance.  It obliges the parties to the Syrian conflict to allow the immediate and unhindered delivery of aid across the country, including across conflict lines.

The resolution provides for the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers and establishes a mechanism to ensure the assistance delivered through these border crossings is limited to humanitarian aid.

I call upon the Syrian Government, and other parties to the conflict, to meet their responsibilities. The Council has made it clear there will be consequences for non-compliance with this resolution.

Australia has made a strong contribution to the international community’s response to the Syria humanitarian crisis through its leadership on the issue in the Security Council and through its contribution of $130.8 million in humanitarian assistance.

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