Australian aid to support first Myanmar census in 30 years

Media release

12 July 2013

Foreign Minister Bob Carr announced Australia would support the Government of Myanmar with $3 million to conduct the first nationwide census in 30 years.

Myanmar last conducted a census in 1983, leaving national data inadequate for planning or delivery of most basic services.

In the absence of a census, population estimates for Myanmar vary by up to 15 million people.

Speaking from Myanmar on the second day of talks with political and community leaders including President Thein Sein and opposition MP Aung San Suu Kyi, Senator Carr said an accurate count of Myanmar's numbers would be invaluable in planning for future health, education and transport services.

The census will be led by the Myanmar Ministry of Immigration and Population. Australia will provide $3 million to the census through the United Nations Population Fund.

The census will be conducted in 2014, with final results expected in 2015.

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