Australia announces Soesastro Prize

Media release

3 April 2013

Foreign Minister Bob Carr today announced the creation of the Australia Awards Hadi Soesastro Prize.

Senator Carr said the Prize would honour the late Indonesian Professor Hadi Soesastro and be awarded annually to two Australia Awards Scholarship recipients from Indonesia undertaking doctorates in Australia.

“Professor Hadi Soesastro fostered warm relations between Australians and Indonesians,” Senator Carr said.

“He made major contributions in several fields including economics, Asia-Pacific cooperation, and development in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

“Professor Soesastro was a founder of Indonesia’s Centre for Strategic and International Studies, which he led for over a decade as Executive Director.

“He had close personal, intellectual and policy connections with Australia and was an adjunct professor at the Australian National University which also awarded him an honorary doctorate.”

The Hadi Soesastro Prize will be awarded annually to one female and one male Australia Awards PhD scholar.

Applicants will be required to submit a proposal on how they will use the Prize to honour Professor Soesastro’s legacy.

An entitlement of up to $25,000 will be awarded to Australia Awards Hadi Soesastro Prize scholars for further study, field work, conference attendance, and research or community projects.

There are 831 Indonesian Australia Award scholars currently studying in Australia.

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