Election of Somalia's President

Media release

19 September 2012

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has welcomed the election of new President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Ahmed Mohamoud, saying the election was further progress towards a stable and democratic Somalia.

"I congratulate President Mohamoud on his election, and acknowledge the strong steps taken in recent months toward stability and security for Somalia's people," Senator Carr said.

"Somalia now has an elected President and Parliament, and has adopted a provisional constitution.

"Australia shares the cautious optimism of the international community about Somalia's future prospects."

The election of the parliament and President and the adoption of the provisional constitution mark the end of transitional governance structures that have been in place in Somalia since 2008.

The completion of the political transition follows earlier security gains by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), against militant organisation Al-Shabaab. Somalia has lacked a coherent central government since the fall of the Barré regime in 1991.

Australia was among the five largest donors to the Horn of Africa humanitarian crisis in 2011, providing more than $61 million in development assistance to Somalia.

Australia has also contributed $4.5 million to support AMISOM training and logistics.

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