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Australia commits an additional $24 million to Pakistan flood relief

Media release

17 August 2010

Over recent days the flood disaster in Pakistan has worsened.

The Pakistan Government now estimates that more than a third of Pakistan is being directly impacted on by the floods. Up to 20 million people have been adversely affected and over 750,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Dehydration and water borne diseases such as Cholera are of increasing concern.

In response to the United Nations and the Pakistan Government’s appeal for further international assistance, Australia will provide an additional $24 million to support emergency humanitarian relief efforts in the worst affected provinces.

This brings total Australian assistance to date to $35 million.

The additional assistance announced today will include:

Australia was one of the first donors to respond to the emergency.

As the disaster unfolded in the first week of August, Australia announced $10 million in humanitarian relief, of which:

Australia is also providing $1 million in relief supplies airlifted to Pakistan by the Australian Defence Forces.

The first Australian C-17 Globemaster defence aircraft landed in Pakistan on 14 August and delivered tents, tarpaulins, water purification supplies, birthing kits and generators to the Pakistan National Disaster Management Agency and the UN Population Fund.

These relief items are being airlifted by the Pakistan Military to affected populations in the south of the country.

A second flight carrying tents, tarpaulins, and water storage and purification supplies left the RAAF base at Amberley yesterday.

A third relief flight is scheduled to depart Amberley on Thursday 19 August.

In addition, 10 Australian humanitarian experts are being sent to Pakistan to join the relief effort. Two people will work with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to coordinate relief efforts. Two people will join the World Food Programme to assist with food distribution. Six personnel will work with the Australian Red Cross to provide affected communities with safe drinking water and primary health care.

Australia is also participating in the United Nations Disaster Assessment Mission currently underway in Pakistan and is prepared to support the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to undertake damage and needs assessments.

Australian officials remain in close contact with United Nations agencies and the Pakistan Government to assess what more can be done.

Australian NGOs have called for public contributions to their Pakistan appeals and I encourage people to give generously.

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