Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Media release

19 July 2008

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to visit Perth

I am very pleased that the United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, will visit Perth as a guest of the Australian Government on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 July.

The visit by Secretary Rice follows my personal invitation to her to visit my hometown and electorate when we first met in Washington in January this year.

Secretary Rice’s visit will be only the second visit to Perth by a US Secretary of State, the first being George Schultz in 1985.

Secretary Rice’s visit highlights the ongoing strength of our Alliance relationship with the United States, which spans 60 years and is built on a firm foundation of shared values and democratic traditions.

Our Alliance relationship with the United States is one of the three pillars of the Australian Government’s foreign policy. Australia and the United States remain committed to working together to face shares global and regional strategic challenges.

Australia’s Alliance with the United States effectively started with Prime Minister and Member for Fremantle John Curtin during World War II. 

Secretary Rice’s visit is an opportunity to share with her the pride Western Australians have for John Curtin’s foresight in securing our post World War II economic and strategic security.

The visit will also provide the opportunity to highlight Western Australia’s significant economic, social, intellectual and sporting contribution to Australiaover the past few decades. This includes the minerals and petroleum resources industry contribution to Australia’s continued growth and prosperity.

As well, I look forward to welcoming Secretary Rice to my electorate on her visit to Perth and further strengthening the Australia-United States relationship.

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