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Media release

27 June 2008

DPRK Declaration of Nuclear Programs

Australia welcomes the announcement that the DPRK has provided a declaration of its nuclear programs to China, as Chair of the Six‑Party Talks.

This declaration provided for under the 13 February 2007 and 3 October 2007 Six-Party Talks agreements, represents an important step towards the eventual abandonment of the DPRK’s its nuclear weapons programs.

It comes after the shutdown of its Yongbyon nuclear facilities in July 2007 and substantial progress made on the disablement of those facilities, work on which is continuing.

Australia is committed to supporting the Six-Party Talks process, and we have indicated to the DPRK our readiness to resume bilateral development assistance if it makes substantial progress towards abandoning its nuclear weapons.

We will be consulting other members of the Six‑Party Talks on possible next steps, taking into account the outcome of the Six-Party meeting expected to be convened soon.

The ultimate goal of the Six-Party Talks is the DPRK’s abandonment of its nuclear programs. Australia will continue to work with all parties towards this end.

Australia urges the DPRK to maintain the current positive momentum and engage constructively and cooperatively in discussions on verification of its declaration and on the next phase of activity, in which its nuclear facilities are to be dismantled.

The Australian Government is committed to reinvigorating the global effort against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, as demonstrated by the Prime Minister’s recent announcement of an International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament.

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