Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms

Media release

8 February 2008

Diplomatic Appointment: Ambassador to Greece

I have confirmed the appointment of Mr Jeremy Newman as Australia’s new Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, with non‑resident accreditation to the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Bulgaria. He will replace Paul Tighe who has been Ambassador since January 2005. Mr Newman is expected to take up his appointment in March 2008.

Australia and Greece enjoy a warm bilateral relationship based on strong community links, important historical connections, shared values of democracy, respect for human rights and participation in the world’s major international institutions. The depth of the relationship between Australia and Greece is strengthened by the significant contributions of Australia’s large Greek community, which includes many dual nationals.

The relationship continues to grow as demonstrated by the historic visit of Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis to Australia in May last year, when a social security agreement was signed between our two countries. In addition to our bilateral and cultural links, Australia engages with Greece in its capacity as a member of the European Union and as a long-standing member of the NATO alliance, including the deployment of Greek and Australian forces to the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

Australia has maintained a diplomatic presence in Athens since 1955. The Embassy in Athens provides comprehensive consular services to the estimated 100,000 Australians regularly in Greece during the European summer.

Mr Newman is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is currently First Assistant Secretary, Europe Division, a position he has held since 2006. Mr Newman served as Australia’s Ambassador to Iran from 2001 to 2005. He has also served in Washington (1982-85), Dublin (1979) and Belgrade (1977-79).

In Canberra Mr Newman has held a range of positions including First Assistant Secretary, Americas and Europe Division (2005-06) and Assistant Secretary, Strategic Policy and Intelligence Branch (1998-2001).

Mr Newman was Assistant Secretary, Defence, Intelligence and Security and Chair of the Commonwealth Counter Disaster Task Force with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet from 1994 to 1998 and also served as Senior Analyst and later head of the Current Intelligence and Intelligence Community Branch of the Office of National Assessments (1986-94).

Mr Newman was born in Melbourne and educated in Singapore, Sri Lanka and Britain where he graduated from the University of Cambridge with first class honours in History.

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