The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP
The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP

Media Release

FA076 - 10 July 2006

Australia's Television Service to the Asia-Pacific Region

I am pleased to announce that 'Australia Network' is the new name of the Australian television service to the Asia Pacific region.  The service, currently broadcast as ABC Asia Pacific (ABCAP), will continue to be managed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for the five year period 2006-2011.

Australia Network will deliver high quality and contemporary programming about Australia and its engagement with the region to more than 40 countries.  The Australia Network footprint stretches from French Polynesia in the Pacific, northwards to Japan and west to Pakistan.

Australia Network will provide a three channel service to meet differing audience and viewing time requirements in the Pacific, east and north Asia and in south Asia.  A key requirement of the service is to provide a credible and independent voice through programs that present a 'window' on Australia and Australian perspectives of the world.  The service will feature extensive news and current affairs programs, Australian-produced education, drama, entertainment and lifestyle programs.

The government is committed to seeing Australia Network's service to the region expand and entertain and inform regional audiences by projecting accurate images and information about Australia and its way of life.

Australia Network plans to launch its new service in early August.

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