The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP
The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP

Media Release

FA069 - 27 June 2006

Australia Recognises the Republic of Montenegro

Australia has decided to recognise as an independent state the Republic of Montenegro.

Montenegro held an independence referendum on 21 May where an internationally recognised mandate for independence was achieved.  Australia respects the decision of the people of Montenegro. 

I welcome the assessment from official international observers that the conduct of the referendum was deemed free, fair and in line with international standards for democratic electoral process.  On 3 June the Montenegrin Parliament adopted a Declaration of Independence following certification of the referendum results.

Australia welcomes the Republic of Montenegro's assurances that it will be based on principles of liberty, democracy, social justice, safety, human rights, environmental protection and the peaceful resolution of conflict. 

Australia also welcomes the Republic of Montenegro's pledge to observe the principles of international law and all treaties to which the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro was party.

Australia will consider the establishment of diplomatic relations with Montenegro in the near future.

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