The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP
The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP

Media Release

FA61 - 10 May 2005

National Security - Countering Proliferation Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction

The Australian Government will spend $43.3 million over four years to boost the collection, coordination and analysis of intelligence on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The Government recognises the threat posed by the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and we are committed to strengthening our protective measures including through the enhanced gathering of information on proliferation activities.

Better coordination of intelligence outcomes will improve our whole-of-government efforts to counter proliferation of weapons of mass destruction including by strengthening export controls on dual-use goods, technology and knowledge.

The additional funds for intelligence analysis will improve the Australian Intelligence Community's capacity to provide the Government with specialist and technical advice on both weapons of mass destruction and related global developments.

The Australian Government will also aim to augment our intelligence community's liaison with allies and regional counterparts to encourage joint action against international proliferation activities.

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