The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP
The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP

Media Release

FA19 - 6 February 2004

Diplomatic Appointment: Ambassador for the Environment

I have today announced the appointment of Justin Brown as Australia’s Ambassador for the Environment, replacing Christopher Langman who has been Ambassador since March 2002. Mr Brown will take up his position this month.

The Environment Ambassador’s main functions are to promote Australia's national interests and policies on global environment issues, to represent the Government at international conferences and negotiations and to provide policy advice.  Reflecting these responsibilities, Mr Brown will report to the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio Ministers and the Minister for the Environment and Heritage.

Mr Brown's appointment reflects the Government's ongoing commitment to effective Australian engagement in international efforts to address global environmental issues and to ensure these efforts are well-targeted and take into account Australia’s particular national interests.

Mr Brown is a senior career officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Currently Head of the Asia Trade Taskforce, his other positions have included Assistant Secretary, WTO Trade Law Branch (2001-02); Assistant Secretary, Europe Branch (1997-98); and Assistant Secretary, Americas Branch (1994-97).  Mr Brown has also served as Deputy Head of Australia’s Mission to the European Union in Brussels (1999-01).

Mr Brown holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of New England.

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