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FA130 - 15 September 2002

Australia and Bhutan Establish Diplomatic Relations

I am pleased to announce that Australia and Bhutan have agreed to establish diplomatic relations pursuant to Article 2 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Australia and Bhutan will appoint Ambassadors soon in accordance with international practice.

I am confident that establishment of formal diplomatic relations will consolidate the friendly relations shared by our two countries and enhance our political contacts, cooperation and business, cultural and community links.

Australia and Bhutan have had useful exchanges in a range of fields over a number of years. Many Bhutanese nationals have studied and attended training courses in Australia.

Diplomatic relations offer the opportunity to further develop our partnership and strengthen our interaction in areas of common interest.

I expect education and training to remain of primary interest but health, HIV/AIDS, environment, tourism and agricultural development are all areas for possible future bilateral cooperation.

I envisage that Australia's High Commissioner to India will be accredited as Australia's non-resident Ambassador to Bhutan.

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