The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP


Joint Media Release

2 July 2002

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer and the Attorney-General Daryl Williams

Australia Ratifies International Criminal Court

We are pleased to announce that Australia deposited its instrument of ratification to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court at 10.00am on 1 July 2002, New York time. The Statute will thus enter into force for Australia on 1 September 2002.

Australia's instrument of ratification includes a declaration affirming the primacy of Australia's criminal jurisdiction in relation to crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court. It outlines the conditions under which a person in Australian custody or control would be surrendered to the Court and clarifies Australia's interpretation of the crimes within the Statute. The declaration has full effect in Australian law and is not a reservation. It reinforces safeguards already built into the Statute to preserve Australian sovereignty over our criminal jurisdiction.

The establishment of a permanent International Criminal Court with the capacity to investigate and prosecute genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, has been a long standing human rights and foreign policy objective of the Government.

Australia's ratification follows intensive Parliamentary scrutiny of the Statute and wide-spread consultation amongst Australian international, constitutional and criminal law experts, interest groups and the broader community.

Media enquiries: Chris Kenny (Ministerial) 02 6277 7500 / Carina Tan-Van Baren (Mr William's office) 02 6277 7300


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