The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP


Joint Media Release

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, and the Attorney-General, Daryl Williams

23 May 2002

David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib Treated Well

Last week Australian officials visited Australian detainees at the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay.

The purpose of the visit was to advance the Australian investigation into the activities of both men.

The investigation team has confirmed that both men are being detained in safe and humane conditions. Detainees receive full medical examinations on arrival and have access to medical treatment on request. They receive culturally appropriate meals and are permitted to observe religious practices. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has contacted the men's families about their wellbeing and has passed on letters from both men.

The Government will not be releasing details of the interviews for legal and privacy reasons, and in light of the fact that law enforcement and security investigations are ongoing.

Inquiries: Chris Kenny (Mr Downer) (02) 6277 7500 / Carina Tan-Van Baren (Mr Williams) (02) 6277 7300


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