12 August 1998

Hanson Must Disassociate Herself From Racist Slurs

The cabal claiming to lead One Nation - Pauline Hanson, David Oldfield and David Ettridge must immediately disassociate themseves from the racist slurs being promoted in the Asian media by people claiming to be their closest supporters.

A letter to the 'Bangkok Post' in the past week from a man claiming to be a current member of One Nation was one of the most vile and disgusting attacks on Asia and Asians imagineable. It can be described as nothing other than pure racist hatred which all clear thinking Australians would condemn out of hand.

There is no place in Australia for the sort of evil now being given a public airing by those who have jumped onto Mrs Hanson's bandwagon.

Mrs Hanson has no option other to condemn statements such as those printed in the 'Bangkok Post' by people claiming to be supporters. If she fails to do so, those printed views will forever be regarded as her own.

I have written to the 'Bangkok Post', as has the Australian Ambassador to Thailand, Mr William Fisher, completely disassociating all sensible Australians from the racist diatribe of her supporter.

Mrs Hanson and her advisers must also explain themselves to all Australians.


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