27 March 1998

Diplomatic Appointment: Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development at Paris

I have today announced the appointment of Mr Tony Hinton as Australian Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Australia to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) at Paris.

Mr Hinton will replace Mr Ralph Hillman, who has been Ambassador, Permanent Representative since April 1995.

The OECD was formally established on 30 September 1961. Australia became a full member in 1971. The 29-member OECD is the paramount international consultative forum for the evaluation and coordination of economic and social policies in the world's major industrial countries. The OECD Secretariat provides some of the most authoritative economic analysis and holds the largest stock of comparative data on these countries in the world.

OECD work has a significant impact on the development of Government policy on a wide and growing range of issues, particularly the structural adjustment needed in the Australian economy to ensure that Australia benefits from the opportunities available from globalisation. Mr Hinton's strong economic credentials and his distinguished career in advising Government on economic and investment issues would equip him well in furthering Australia's interests in the OECD.

Mr Hinton joined the Australian Public Service in 1967 working in the Australian Bureau of Statistics. He moved to the Treasury Department in 1971. From 1979 to 1982 he served in Washington as Counsellor (Economic). From 1983 to 1991 he held a number of Assistant Secretary positions in Treasury. From 1991 to July 1993 he was appointed Principal Adviser, Capital Markets Division and became Executive Member of the Foreign Investment Review Board in August 1992. Mr Hinton was appointed First Assistant Secretary, Investment and Debt Division in Treasury from 1993 to 1997. Since October 1997 he has held the position of First Assistant Secretary, International and Investment Division, being responsible for a range of economic policy issues including the provision of high level economic policy advice to the Commonwealth Government through the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and in assisting the Secretary to the Treasury in the administration of the Treasury Department.

Mr Hinton holds a Bachelor of Economics with Honours from the University of New England. He is married and has two children.

Mr Hinton is expected to take up his appointment in June 1998.


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