Australian expertise to assist after natural disasters and conflict

Media release


22 March 2011

The Australian Civilians Corps (ACC) Bill today passed through Parliament, ensuring talented Australians will soon be able to assist overseas communities recover from natural disaster or conflict.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd, said the establishment of the Australian Civilian Corps will see a select group of civilian specialists deployed to assist countries recovering and rebuilding after devastation.

“Australia has many highly skilled people, be it lawyers, engineers, or health professionals, who are ready for the challenge of assisting crisis-affected countries,” said Mr Rudd.

“A 2020 Summit idea in 2008, the ACC register is now open, and we hope to have 500 Australian civilians, trained and ready to serve by 2014.”

The work of the Corps will come after conflict, or build on initial emergency humanitarian relief efforts, and help set the foundation for long-term sustainable development.

People can apply to be on the register at:

“The sooner a country that is affected by natural disaster or war recovers its infrastructure, markets, livelihoods and services, the better it is for its population, and in turn global security and prosperity.”

AusAID will administer the Australian Civilian Corps, in cooperation with other Australian Government agencies.

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